#11 San Sebastian architecture

This was at the beginning of our day in San Sebastian, Spain. We were just sitting on a few chairs trying to figure out where to walk to – this is in the early early days of smartphones, so we had a good ‘ol paper map – and I just noticed this nice fountain with its nice flowers. And then in the background your average apartment building, which in my opinion already looks nicer than almost anything you see in the US. That’s the nice part about Europe, it’s not that everything is old and older, every country you visit has its own style and appearance, whereas in the States it all kinda of looks the same. Sure each state has its own impressions, but it’s not as apparent as in Europe. And that’s one of the main differences I’ve experienced after having lived in the US for over a decade. And I’ll be honest, it’s one of the (few) things I miss about living in Europe. (San Sebastian 2010)

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