#15 Apres ski

Whenever you go on a European skiing trip, it’s not just about the skiing… it’s also about what happens after the skiing, or ‘apres ski’ – French for ‘after skiing’. Basically it involves going to a bar where they play loud local carnaval style music (the European kind), drink lots of beer and liquor and just chat about the day and everything else that’s going on in life. Typically I’m not the one to go into a noisy bar with loud obnoxious people, but in this case it was always surprisingly fun. You’re absolutely physically exhausted from the entire day of exercise on the skis, but being inside warm and cozy with a beer in hand really wasn’t not too bad. We didn’t do this every night in our week long trip in Austria, but this was one evening where we did go ‘Apres skiing’. We were in the bar on the upper level, and instead of walking downstairs to pick up our order, they engineered a cool system of bringing in our order via a cable car…! (January 2007)

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