#16 Skiing in… Australia?!?

Yes… that was my reaction when I was asked to join a family skiing trip when I planned my trip to Australia in 2002. There’s exactly one, well maybe two or three, mountains that have sufficient “snow” to actually ski down from. It’s in an area called the Snowy Mountains, and it’s southwest of Sydney in between Canberra and Melbourne. Obviously it’s the Southern Hemisphere, so even if it is cold enough in winter in July, the snow was crappy to put it mildly. We went for about 5 days, and by the last day it was like skiing on ice. I basically learned how to ski all by myself here, falling down every single minute on day 1, getting slightly better by day 2, and feeling confident enough to go down the slopes on days 3, 4 and 5. And the funny part is that I remember feeling very tired and having enough of the “snow”. Which is when it all went wrong, I hit a big patch of ice, made a 360 in the air, or at least close to it – and landed on my shoulder. I ended up with a broken collar bone literally on the other side of the world, I can still feel the bump on the bone today. I went down in one of those emergency sleds, got a few X-rays, and basically was told to put my left arm in a sling for 6 weeks. It hurt like hell the first week or so, I remember the doctor in the emergency bone grabbing the skin and lifting it from the bone – “I love to play with broken bones…” as what he said. Funny people them Ozzies! So instead of backpacking for a year, I went home back to Holland to recover. Anyways, the above photo is obviously made with an old mirror reflex camera, it’s a nice shot and gives a nice perspective of skiing in Australia. Everything is green/brown all around, except for some “snow” on the slopes. (July 2002)

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