#18 Coming to Texas

It was 7 years ago today that I first came to Texas. We’d made the decision to move from San Francisco, CA to look for a more affordable place to live, where rent does not cost $1,500 a month, where a starter home does not cost $800,000, where a downpayment is not $200,000, where gas is not $4 a gallon, where we don’t have to pay $300 a month for a parking spot, where we don’t have to take public transportation to work, where we are allowed to have a pet in our home, where we don’t have to worry about homeless people leaving needles at our front door, where food prices are cheaper, where education is better and safer, where the weather is not freezing in the summer, and not unimportantly, where there are plenty of jobs to go around. And Austin, TX seemed like the perfect place for that. Obviously 7 years later, with a beautiful home, two good jobs, two nice cars, a filled pantry, and obviously two young boys and a cool dog – we made the right decision. It does get a little hot in the summer, but that’s what the airconditioning unit is for. Upon arrival that weekend in 2012, we took care of business first, and then checked out the city over the weekend. The above cowboy boot is at the entrance of the barbecue restaurant called The Salt Lick. To this day, one of my favorite spots to hang out, eat some really good BBQ, I recommend the chicken, and BYOB (or Bring Your Own Beer). Sometimes there’s live music as well and sitting outside in the evening in 80 degree weather with good food and people around is just something you can’t beat sometimes. (April 2012)

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