#27 The Sour Notes

One of the advantages of living in Austin, TX is the music scene. Go to any bar downtown and you’ll find a place with live music. Which is probably why they call Austin the Live Music Capitol of the World. In addition to the every day music, in the Spring there’s the SXSW festival when literally every place in Austin has live music everywhere for two weeks. If you want to get in to see the shows for those two weeks, a pass will cost you over a thousand bucks. In addition to that, there’s an entire entertainment scene now too with Social Media and a Film festival with movie premieres, political keynote sessions, you name it. And then in October there’s the ACL festival where for two weekends in a row, it’s three days of music with small local bands to major international names such as Metallica, Pearl Jam and Paul McCartney.

Anyways, back to the music scene. Living in Austin means we have the opportunity to see as many bands as we want. However, two very young kids, two full time jobs and all the responsibilities that come with it have prevented us from really seeing bands, but every so often we are able to get out. And my wife’s colleague Jared has a band called The Sour Notes – and they are really, really good! As a guitar player without zero skill for writing songs, I’m in awe of the licks and lyrics that Jared, the lead singer and lead guitarist, comes up with. Not to mention the sound that comes out of his amp, just really cool. His girlfriend Amarah is the bass player, just super solid (and she reminds me of Norah Jones) and she brings energy to the songs, and then the drummer is always super into it as well. They have a few albums out and used to tour around the country, also very cool.

In short, if you have a chance to go see them, go – so worth it! (April 2019)

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