#28 Cathedral of Eindhoven

This is the St. Catherine’s cathedral in Eindhoven, which is the city in Holland where my parents live. It’s very tall at almost 220ft so naturally you can see it from quite far away. There are shops all around now, and City Hall is right around the corner. But I’ll admit, I had to look all these things up. The church was built around 1232 – 1240, so it’s literally almost 800 years old, and over 250 years older than the US of A. And like the Notre Dame just this week, it’s been on fire – except this was way back in 1486 and 1554. It survived many wars over the past centuries, including the 80 year with the Spanish, the French war with Napoleon, and most recently World War II. The Germans didn’t bomb Eindhoven like they bombed Rotterdam though for example, which today is a very modern city for those reasons with only new construction. So the church in Eindhoven thankfully survived.

In 2007 when I lived in Holland for a few more months to finish college, I remember attending mass with my then wife-to-be. Church in Holland is mostly attended by old people, going to church in general is just not very popular like it is in the States. Especially in Texas, a LOT of people go to church, not so much in Holland. Anyways, it was a nice mass I have to admit. I’m not the biggest church goer to say the least, but I don’t think I’d ever attended a mass like that before in such an old church. So it was a great experience on hindsight.

The photo above I took when we went shopping while visiting my folks, family and friends on vacation. The church, the two old ladies and the lady on the bike make it a photo that’s very typical of my native country Holland – so it’s a good one to share. (September 2010)

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