#31 Giethoorn

I’m posting this photo today as I’m thinking of my grandmother, or Oma as we say in Dutch. She’s not doing very well, mentally she’s all still there but the body is starting to say no at age 86.

Back in the day, Oma and Opa used to take us to Giethoorn every so often. It’s in the northern part of Holland, and it’s a town that’s close to surrounded by water. Most of Holland is actually below sea level, hence all the neatly engineered dams and dikes to keep the water out as water levels rise. So the only way to get to your house in Giethoorn is by boat, kinda like Venice in Italy. It’s very picturesque with lots of big farmhouses, bridges, farm animals, and no cars to be seen anywhere. And because it’s so picturesque, naturally there are quite a lot of tourists as well, but it’s nowhere near as crazy as Venice or Amsterdam luckily.

Like I said my Opa and Oma used to take me and my sister back in the day when we’d do stay overs, and I hadn’t been back to Giethoorn in many years until just a few years ago. My parents suggested to visit the town again since my wife had never seen it, and she really wanted to see something else than the usual American touristy stuff like the canals and Redlight district in Amsterdam. So we thought of a few places to go to, and thus Giethoorn came onto the itinerary. The photo above is just your average view from one of the boats as you motor it through the canals, it’s pretty. (April 2016)

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