#37 Koala

My youngest of two boys came home really tired today from daycare, the only few words he told me were apple, apple, apple – which means he wanted apple juice. And that was about it. So we put him to bed early. And that reminded me of how he was just about a year ago. He used to sleep 14 hour nights, literally from 6 pm through 8 am the next morning, just knocked out. And so we gave him the nickname Koala. So today I’m posting a photo of a Koala bear.

I took the photo above quite a long time ago in Brisbane, Australia at a Koala sanctuary where they basically had rescue koalas that were sick or injured from living in the wild, predominantly from wildfires – or bush fires as they call them in the land of Oz.

In all honesty, koalas to me are kind of boring. When we visited none of them moved, they just slept the whole time. I learned at the sanctuary that koalas sleep 20 out of the 24 hours in a day, so maybe I shouldn’t have been surprised. Anyways, they were fun to see, but not the world’s most exciting animal. But the amount of sleep the koala gets, definitely adds up to how my boy got his nick name. (November 2002)

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