#38 Hopping, hopping

Another one from the Koala sanctuary in Brisbane. Today my youngest was much happier coming home from daycare, and he was hopping around the living room to one of his tv show songs.

The kangaroo in the photo came a little close for comfort, I think it thought I had some food or something because he basically came head to head with my camera at the time. I took this photo with a single lens reflex Canon EOS 300 with about 10 megapixels. At the time I preferred that method of shooting, with film, over digital cameras because the quality was just very poor with low megapixel cameras. So this is the only photo from that particular moment.

I remember saying something like “Whoa dude did you see that…?” to my friends, because I couldn’t believe how close the kangaroo came to my face. It’s too bad I had to wait about another week for the film to be developed, in today’s world I could’ve shown my buddies the photo on my iPhone right away most likely. But I happened to click right before the kangaroo leaped out to me, and luck had it that the photo came out really well. (November 2002)

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