#41 Hockey

I saw my oldest on skates for the first time ever today, it was his second time, and he looked like a natural. Most other kids were falling over continuously, not Luke, he just kept going and going no problem. So quite a memorable day to say the least, so I thought today I’d post a photo of the only time I ever visited an NHL hockey game. This is the San Jose Sharks against the the Edmonton Oilers a few years ago at the HP Pavillion in San Jose, the Sharks won.

I grew up watching speed skating, which in Holland next to soccer is one of the biggest sports in the country. But hockey is not part of the winter sports mix, I never knew anyone who ever played ice hockey as it’s called. But seeing it in person at the pro level was fun, but I never felt the urge to go to another hockey game after that one time. Who knows though, my oldest just turned 5 years old and if he really likes hockey, we may have to visit a whole lot more hockey games in the future… (December 2011)

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