#42 Korean food

This evening we ate Korean food, in a mall that really doesn’t look like it would have any decent food whatsoever, but the contrary is true. You walk into this huge Asian grocery store, naturally with Asian people everywhere. And you’ll find anything you need there, from hundreds of types of noodles, to live crab, to shrimp chips, to frozen veggies, to you name it. Next to the grocery store inside the same building, there’s a food court. There’s sushi and Chinese food, but predominantly there are Korean food stalls. And it’s really good food. It actually almost makes you feel like you are in Asia, especially with all the Asian folks around. When we arrived in Texas back in 2012 we hardly saw any Asian people, now that’s most definitely no longer the case. Which I’m happy about, because it means there are more good Asian food options too. So if you have a chance to go, visit H-Mart in Austin, and you won’t be disappointed. (May 2019)

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