#48 Forza Schumi


Another race in the books, another win for Mercedes… Five out of five this year, and even though the race in Spain was quite exciting with a podium finish for Max (Verstappen in the Red Bull), in terms of who is winning it pains me to say that F1 has seen more exciting days. It reminds me of when Michael Schumacher ruled F1 in his Ferrari in the early to mid-2000s. The combo Schumacher-Ferrari just won, and won, and won, eventually winning 5 straight world championships, something that Mercedes has already done actually, so they’re even looking to make it 6 in a row this year. Quite unprecedented.

Schumacher… to this day my Dad pulls a disgusted face when I even say that name – Schumacher. I’m going to undoubtedly post more photos of Der Rekord Meister as they say in Germany, so I’m not going to write a long story now. But I will tell you that at first I couldn’t stand the man. He drove with a killer mentality, similar to Senna doing anything to win. But over time, driving in red for Ferrari, and also a bit to counter my Dad’s favorite in F1, Mika Hakkinen, I became a fan of Schumacher. And he ended up winning 91 races, still a record to this day. So at the time, of course I didn’t mind that Ferrari was winning everything, but it was for a few seasons quite boring, just as it is a bit boring today.

Hopefully Max can turn it around and win soon, maybe Monaco in two weeks…? The above photo shows Michael Schumacher winning one of his last races in Magny-Cours, France where he beat Fernando Alonso in the Renault in a head-to-head. He just crossed the finish line, and since we were at turn 1 we got an awesome view of him crossing the line first, and then sticking up the index finger to express his win. I managed to capture the moment really well I have to say. (July 2006)

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