#49 Start spreading the news…

I took this photo at the top of “30 Rock” which is the Comcast building in New York, where NBC is headquartered and runs a lot of its shows such as the Today Show, the Tonight Show and Nightly News.

It’s part of a series of some of the first photos that I took in the dark with a long shutter delay, 30 seconds if I can recall, with my most recent DSLR – a Canon EOS Rebel T4i with an 18-135mm lens. That’s about as technical as I get when it comes to photo cameras…. The pixel quality of the photo is definitely way up there, the level of detail is just amazing. And the cool part about the long shutter speed is that you’ll be able to photograph the lights in a dark environment, which means you’ll get all these lines in the sky that come with it – in this case airplane lights and smoke coming from the buildings. Especially the smoke brings a cool element in this case, it shows that it was a pretty cold night. And credit to the camera, I don’t think I’d ever photographed smoke at night before.

I took this photo during a business trip, where I was able to take an extra day and spend it out and about in the City. I’d been to New York a few times already so I knew exactly where to go. And I picked 30 Rock for the evening, mainly because I’d never seen the view from up there at night, plus you get the Empire State Building in the photos. Most people go to the Empire State Building, and even though it’s taller, the view in all honesty is just not as good (if you can even say that in this case…). From “On Top of the Rock” you can see the Empire State, Times Square, the new Freedom Tower and the Statue of Liberty all in one shot. And then you have Central Park on the other side. Just very cool. So that’s why I always recommend this spot to folks who are planning to visit New York, it’s just awesome.

The best memory from that night is a good one. I’ll say that the good part about traveling alone is that you can do whatever you want, the downside is that it gets quite and that there’s not really anyone to talk to and share things with. And I’ll admit, it was especially tough to miss the wife and family when you see a dude proposing to his wife-to-be, that was pretty memorable. I thought about taking a photo of that moment but it just wasn’t appropriate, but it definitely made the entire 30 Rock experience complete. It was like being in a movie, being in New York for work – which was surreal in itself – being on top of the world and then seeing a marriage proposal happening in such a location. Can’t beat that. (November 2016)

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