#57 Lord Nelson

Our esteemed President is paying a visit to the Queen in London this week, and it’s surreal to see the images. Every time I see Trump and Melania next to major world figures, I think to myself how the heck did that… yeah… It’s still surreal as I said earlier. Hopefully in a year and a half my fellow Americans (also still weird that I can say that) will vote a little wiser. Thank goodness the world economy hasn’t gone to shambles (yet).

Since Mr. Trump is London, I thought I’d post a photo of Trafalgar Square. It’s one of my favorite spots in London, the people coming together literally from all over the world, the pigeons, the water fountains, the lion statues, the always seemingly imminent threat of rain, and Lord Nelson watching over everyone – it’s just a cool place to visit. I’ve been to London a dozen or so times, but I haven’t visited in over 15 years now. Definitely the next time I visit I’d like to spend a little bit more time here, just to people watch and enjoy the moment. (August 1999).

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